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when they saw
the wonderful
artwork from this
past summer's
Teen Art Camp.
acrylic, by Tori Mulgrew at 14
scratchboard, by Laurel Brown at 16
self-portrait collage, by Nina at 14
Colored pencil & gouache, by Nina at 14
watercolor, by Honor Zadravec at 10
Lisa Zadravec
for Children & Teens, home-
school & after-school
of the Masters,
A Legacy Continues...

If you don't learn all that went before,
you can't move forward
. Artists in the
days of old did not have students, they
had apprentices. So unfortunately in
many cases, techniques died with them.
As art moved into the 20th century many
techniques of the great masters had
been completely lost. I am fortunate that
in the lineage from artist to teacher I am
not only just a few generations directly
from greats one might see at the
Smithsonian, because thosethat went
before me had a great passion to
rediscover the methods and media of
such greats as the 17th century Dutch
painters. With this classical training and a
curiosity of materials, I have brought the
methods forward; making a less-toxic
form of the wax-based medium I learned
to paint with. Or trying the same
techniques in wax-based pencils. I have
developed, like all artists, a personal
style and method. But even as I draw in
colored pencil, I find myself unsatisfied
unless I render the skin to look like skin;
translucent. I also love to experiment and
am sure that with the right technique, and
understanding of materials, artists should
accomplish even better work than what
has gone before, as we keep striving
forward. Because it is the skills even
more than the media. And so continues a
legacy from artist to student, passing
down the skills of the Masters.
watercolor, by Charisse Sallee at 14
Click on the picture (of
the Cottage School
students with our "Life of
Shakespeare" puppets)
to see a video of my
wonderful art students,
as I read a poem by
Kesha Bruce.
watercolor, by Honor Zadravec at 16
Still Life, by the teens in Studio Art 2 at HEARTS, some did
it in oil and some in colored pencil on black paper.
Elisia, my 14 year old daughter, is always helping
out in every class. I sometimes feel that I could not
teach with out her. I look over one day and see,
she is an excellent artist in her own right. Her
Barn Owl won first place for 6th grade in 2014 and
her butterfly won first place for 7th/8th grade in
2015 at the Franklin Park Arts Center's Youth Art
Show. Sheentered the Storytime piece in Colored
Pencil Magazine's monthly national contest & won
the under 15 Junior division.
It is my greatest joy to
see my students achieve their highest potential!

Here is the finished piece AND SHE WON!!!!
All Lisarts Classes
are listed on
Activity Rocket
pastel, by Andrea Damiano at 17
colored pencil, by Charisse Sallee at 17
Elisia with her blue ribbon
pieces at 11 and 12 years
old. Below she prepares for a
national contest.
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2016-17 Home-School Classes:
HOME-SCHOOL ART   (elementary) at Lisa's Studio in Sterling
A well-rounded course, building art skills and a basic knowledge of great art and artists. Emphasis on traditional fine art
methods & always includes age-appropriate projects in drawing, shading & color drawing, painting and 3-dimensional
Dates: Wednesdays TBA    Price: This class is not currently being held. If interested please
contact Lisa.

STUDIO ART for HOME-SCHOOLERS (5th-10th grades)  This class takes the
student through a complete school year course if taken through out the year, teaching all basic skills and general art
Dates: Thursdays,  10:15-11:45am Classes resume in September  Price: $15 per class, 10
for $125

HOME-SCHOOL ART for high schoolers  (grades 7th-12th) with
HEARTS at Galilee United Methodist Church.        
A complete high school level course. Studio Art 1
(graeds7th-10th) teaches all basic skills and general art knowledge comparable to any high school art curriculum. Studio Art
2 (grades 9th-12th) is a college preparatory course for the most advanced student comparable to AP Art. Registration for
the 2017-18 school year is open for admission.
 PRICE: $400/year tuition ($100 quarterly) plus $50 material fee/yr.
Classes open to grades 8-12. Fall classes started 9/9. But you may still register until 9/25.
Dates: Studio Art 1, Fri,  9-10:20am  $400 + $50 materials fee*
Studio Art 2, Fri, 10:30-11:50am  $400 + $50 materials fee*  Classes resume in September      
contact HEARTS to register
* materials fees are always non-refundable,  materials are purchased by the teacher for the number of students enrolled. Fee is due to the teacher on the
first day of class as items have already been purchased. Art materials are the most expensive part of art instruction and a group purchase is the most
economical way for the students to work in the widest range of media. Camps & Classes and their names are Trademarks of Lisa Zadravec.
TM - Names &
curriculum of classes and camps the LisArts & BeyondArt names belong exclusively & are trademarked to Lisa Zadravec.
2017 Teen Classes:
YOUNG MASTERSTM   (ages 10-15) Classes of Fine Art skill building, drawing, painting and art challenges
for the older budding artist. We will build art skills through methods that teach real art technique. Projects rotate each session,
so there's always something new, but always included: drawing, painting & 3-D design in a curriculum developed in over 20
years of teaching. Students can stay at this level for 3+ years.
Dates: 11am-12:30pm, Two Saturdays a month in July & August, weekly dates resume in September    
Price: $15 per class, 10 for $125

ADVANCED TEENS: "The Competitive EdgeTM" in Sterling (ages 13-18) We get to the
bottom of what really catches the eye of portfolio reviewers and competition judges.  See Adult Schedule these classes are
combined with Adult classes. Any Adult class marked Intermediate Advanced or Drawing
. Dates: Classes resume in
September, Two Wednesdays a month, 6-7:30pm   Price: $15 per class, 10 for $125
2017 Children's Classes
GREAT LITTLE ARTISTSTM   (ages 5-9)  Young artists at this level learn about Art through fun
age-appropriate projects. We do new projects & a rotating schedule of favorites, including traditional drawing, painting as well
as 3-dimensional Art that teach art skills and about important art styles & artists. We have fun with a purpose as children learn
the process of art through a curriculum developed in over 20 years of teaching. Students can stay at this level for 3+ years.

Dates: 9:30-11am, Two Saturdays a month in July & August, weekly dates resume in September    
Price: $15 per class, 10 for $125

AFTER-SCHOOL ART CLUBTM   (ages 6-10yrs)   We meet twice a month on Thursdays for
creative fun for the student for whom art class at school is just not enough! Each week we will explore art and our own
creativity through fun art projects and new challenges. We make Art and new artistic friends!
Dates:  Classes resume in
September, Two Wednesdays a month, 4:30-6pm  Price: $15 per class, 10 for $125
If taught correctly, an
artist is a person who
can do anything.
Zadravec's Beyond Art
approach has been proved
in 20 years  of teaching,
her own art methods and
successes of her students.
Whatever field a person
chooses, the training of
creative problem solving;
actually seeing differently;
assessing and carrying
through a project to
completion, are invaluable
life skills. Trained in
traditional methods, but
always innovative in her
approach, Lis asserts,
cannot go forward if you
forget all that was
learned in the past.

Originally from Washington
DC, Lis began taking art
classes at the age of 4. By
10, she was studying in the
adult program at the
Corcoran School of Art.
She studied again at the
Corcoran in her college
years as well as with artists
of the DC Color School.
She is respected for her
teaching, her artwork, she
co-founded a school of the
arts and has taught in
many venues in Northern
VA and New York.
"We all
have been given the
directive to multiply our
gifts. I can think of no
better way than to share
mine while watching
more art be created than
I'd ever be able to do
for Summer Art Camps Click Here.

NO CLASSES IN JUNE:         Lisa is recovering from surgery
Saturday 9:30-11am Great Little Artists (5-9yrs) twice a month in July & August
Saturday 11am-12:30 Young Masters (10-15yrs) twice a month in July & August
Check out Full Calendar pdf.                 RSVP 24hrs in advance even if you have pre-purchased classes.
Full Calendar pdf.
You may now Purchase classes right here for any Children's and Teen classes held in
my Sterling home at 162 South Fox Road. Materials are now included in the price.
Check the Full Calendar pdf. for dates and times, they are the same as they have

    1o classes $125*                                        Drop in Class $15* *
You may also Pay Lisa directly at class or mail a check to the address on the registration page. Materials are included in price.
For Childrens age 5 yrs and up through Teen classes in Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawing & more, with award-winning artist, Lisa
Zadravec. To Register click the pay now buttons above for classes at Lisa's Studio or call my cell # for assistance (703)537-6345

You may purchase the 10 classes series or pay as you go. Preference is always given to those who have paid in advance or signed
up for a series. Classes always follow Loudoun County for weather related closings.  You must register or cancel 24 hours in
advance. Drop-ins should call in advance to my cell (703)537-6345 There is a 3-student minimum for any class to be held. You
are charged for no-shows when no previous notice is given. Materials fees are non-refundable. At the end of the semester, unused
classes may be used towards camps or future Fall classes. I will keep records as always.
2017-18 Schedule   (starting this Fall)

Not All classes are taught every week. See Full Calendar.pdf
Home-School Art
(grades 2nd-6
4:30-6pm After
School Art Club
in Rockville, MD at
Compass Atelier 2
1-2:30pm Home-School
(grades 5th-9th)
4:30-6pm After School
Art Club
6-7:30 Teen Art
in my Sterling home
9-10:20 Studio Art 1
(7th-10th grades)
Studio Art 2
(9th-12th grades)
at HEARTS in Sterling
9:30-11am Great
Little Artists
11am-12:30 Young
in my Sterling home
Left, Elisia
painting like
Georgia. Below,
a chrome ball
drawing. in
mixed media by
Elisia at 11
years old
colored pencil
by Regan
DuHadway at 15
Best in Show at
the 2015 Youth
Art Show at
Franklin Park
Arts Ctr
Lisa's Home Classroom
Lisa's Home Classroom